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Did You Know?

In the last 50 years the average amount of 4 primary nutrients in our food supply has dropped by an average of 28% due to nutrient depletion in soil.

Source: Scientific American

The Conundrum


There has been a great trend of so many people wanting to eat healthier … and acting on that desire. But even eating “healthy” may not be providing the level of essential nutrients your body needs. With all of the supplements available, why choose Juice Plus+?  We all know there is a gap between what we should eat and what we actually do eat. Juice Plus+ provides nutrition from fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, plants and algal oils, to help you bridge the gap to a healthy lifestyle. As NSF-certified products, all Juice Plus+ products undergo independent testing that ensures they meet and exceed strict guidelines and deliver only the best quality nutrition. Because Juice Plus+ is made of “real food”, it is more readily digested and absorbed than synthetic supplements. This is a critical difference … you may take a vitamin supplement, but how much of that are you actually metabolizing as opposed to excreting is at issue. Because of the “whole food” nature of Juice Plus+, the level of bioavailability (Bioavailability is the proportion of a nutrient the human body is able to absorb and use) is greater than that of synthetics. My personal goal is to help as many people realize improved health simply. I’m hoping that you will benefit by getting a bunch of healthy food ideas … but even simply adding Juice Plus+ to your daily routine is a great start. Click Here to learn more!


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