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It is SO important to become educated on nutrition!


There … I said it. It’s not just about selling Juice Plus+ and the associated nutritional products … it’s about truly understanding the importance of good nutrition. Why? Let’s look at a couple of snippets the National Institutes of Health reported on the level of nutrition education in medical schools! Of the surveyed medical schools responding to the survey, only 30% have a separate class dedicated to nutrition education. Just 37% require the MINIMUM RECOMMENDED 25 hours of classes (National Academy of Sciences) with 88% of the instructors indicating that the level of nutrition education in med school is insufficient! There is also a trend of doctors working in a specialty as opposed to the good old “General Practitioner”. What does that mean? All too often the patient has the symptom treated (by a specialist), not the cause. And all too often, good nutrition, or the need to re-balance the guts biome is overlooked as a way of improving an individuals immune response. Read the example below …


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It’s summertime & now you have some time to think about how you want the rest of the year to play out… Are you a teacher? Are you a healthcare professional? Are you a stay at home mom or dad? Are you retired? Are you looking for a mission to join? Do you love learning? Are you open minded? Is healthy living a priority for you?

Maybe this opportunity is just what you are looking for. Check out these links & see if any of this resonates with you. I’m currently looking for fun, energetic, like-minded people to join me on our healthy living revolution so we can help as many people as possible. Lets #takehealthyback

The Story … Gut Health = A healthier immune system

I’m very well acquainted with a man – let’s just call him JS for now – who said I could share his story. JS suffered from years of bouts with IBS, chronic infections of one sort or another and a general “not well” feeling. He was treated “per protocol” by his various doctors, but none of them ever asked him about his diet. Fast forward several years, and JS was on the verge of major surgery. A friend of JS in the homeopathic medical industry begged him to talk to a friend who was a nutritionist. Figuring he had nothing to lose (other than the potential for major surgery), JS relented and talked to this quack. Gosh, she sounded like a nut … the body is the most incredible healing vessel ever created … a gut in balance will not allow viruses and bacteria to flourish and will aid in killing them off … the gut is the most basic and important element of your immune system … but after a while, the “why this is true” part of the story came out where she talked about how sugar ruins the gut … how dairy ruins the gut … and how modern antibiotics ruin the gut.  All of this leads to an incredible imbalance of “bad bugs” (because she never got too technical) over the “good bugs” in the gut. Most importantly, she stressed that today’s’ doctors don’t know enough about proper nutrition and how it can help prevent a lot of common illnesses.

This conversation took place on April 28, 2015. The major surgery (large bowel resection) was scheduled for May 13, 2015. After the conversation, she boldly predicted “if you go on my program, you will not need the surgery”. Never mind the very low cost of her recommendations – less than $200, (JS had rolled up over $180K in medical bills from hospital stays over the previous 15 months) but all she recommended was a liver detox, a diet change (like the diet information I share with you!), some natural supplements to re-balance the gut and a professional strength probiotic. The kit arrived on May 5th and on May 11 JS called and cancelled the operation. As he put it “I hadn’t felt that well in years”. And … he is not only a fan of my program, he also loves to cook and gets a lot of ideas from my blogs!

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I am obviously a believer in the Juice Plus+ product and the prospect of making this your own “home based business”. This website … …  sums up the product and the opportunity better than I ever could. Contact me for your password to access the information that the “general public” cannot access.


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